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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is cultivated for the individual’s specific needs to promote stress relief, increase range of motion, decrease pain and inflammation, to help the immune system, and to support chiropractic adjustments to the skeletal frame.  Massage can be performed on patients in loose, comfortable clothing or traditionally disrobed and draped with sheets.  Our facility provides several types of massage therapy and includes but is not limited to Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, Arthossage, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Sports, Trager, Cupping, and Rain Drop Therapy.   If you have any questions about the massage therapy at our facility please call and we can help you or leave a message with any of our License Massage Therapists.  We have massage appointments available Monday-Friday.


Massage Therapists:

Kimberly Johnson MA31011

Susan Leger MA50906

Tiffany Barton MA40742

Deborah Simpson MA70713

Kaileigh Hall MA103217

Establishment License MM10047

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